Watch Energy Crisis 2012 – ShootOut 2005 finalist

Here are some links to view the wonderful award winning moive we made for The Shoot Out Boulder 2005, the 24 hour film fest that takes place here in Boulder ever October. Click the play button on the bottom left of the window below and enjoy. If you get a “The movie is currently not available” message then jump to the “Other ways to see the movie” section.

Watch on YouTube

Other ways to see the movie

If you can’t get the video player above to start or it says “The movie is currently not available” then start out by jumping to the bottom of the page and clicking on the hi-res verions of the video, if your get no sound then it means that you don’t have the correct/latest version of quicktime to view the movie and you’ll have to keep reading (Sweet Mary and Joseph this is getting complicated – sorry!)

I just realized that to view my amazing movie WINDOWS users (Not Mac) will need QuickTime 7. MOST windows users will only have QuickTime 6 installed and clicking on the video file will result in no picture being shown and only sound playing! So before you can view it you’ll have to download the FREE QuickTime 7 Player for windows. Here is a link to download the QuickTime Player 7 (20 Megs):

QuickTime Player 7 for Windows

You can put in a bogus email address and also uncheck the check boxes. Enjoy and sorry for the confusion. I will try to put it in a more accessible format but H.264 (the current method that it is encoded in) produces the best quality and the smallest file size.

You can try clicking of the link below first and it should launch quicktime player in your browser window.

It may take a while to download the video so if you don’t see it right aways give it a little while before you write me a nasty email!

You can also right click and do a “save link as” and save the movie file to a folder of your choice. Once downloaded you you can just double click on the file/movie and it should launch the Quick time Player and play the movie.

The larger movie looks good at double size and you can also try full screen mode. In the QuickTime Player select View>double size or View > Full Screen.

Here is the big hi-res version – 300Kbps : get it here

Here is a very small dial up friendly version that’s barely viewable (mom use this one!) : get it here