Month: September 2005

  • Equipment recommended from Podcast

    Listening to a new Podcast that I just subscribed to about video production. The presenter made a few recommendations regarding video kit: ( These were made in episode 14 of a Pixelriffic Podcast) Mic’s: Wireless mic’s – he like the Senheiser Evolution range. Wired mics for vocals at around $100 or so Sure SM58 and…

  • Shoot Out Boulder – notes on screening of last years films

    So Jiah and I went down to the screening of some of last years jewels at the Outlook Hotel near the old Perkins off 28th st.. Oh boy! The setting was far from ideal with the deep voiced horsy sounding barmaid complaining about not being able to watch the pussy football game on the TVs.…

  • Firefox Passwords files OSX vs Linux

    I was tying to copy across my Firefox browser data (my bookmarks and saved passwords) from my Linux / Fedora Core 3 laptop to my Mac G5 and ran into a little strangeness with the naming convention used for the password file. Here is what I found: