Equipment recommended from Podcast

Listening to a new Podcast that I just subscribed to about video production. The presenter made a few recommendations regarding video kit: ( These were made in episode 14 of a Pixelriffic Podcast)


Wireless mic’s – he like the Senheiser Evolution range.

Wired mics for vocals at around $100 or so Sure SM58 and also not as good Sure SM57 – has no windscreen.

Tripod + Fluid Head:

He recomended a bottom of the line Bogen for backup and non important stuff.

Bogen 3011 ($150) with a 700rc2 head.


Shoot Out Boulder – notes on screening of last years films

So Jiah and I went down to the screening of some of last years jewels at the Outlook Hotel near the old Perkins off 28th st.. Oh boy! The setting was far from ideal with the deep voiced horsy sounding barmaid complaining about not being able to watch the pussy football game on the TVs. The sound levels varied between “jump from your seats to turn the din down” to “turn up your hearing aid to maximum” so you can hear the inaudible hiss. Apart from the less than idea surroundings I noted the following:

1) Sound sound sound and more sound. Shitty picture with shitty sound made me look out of bar the window so it’s imperative to get great sound.

2) Eyes – guy with sunglassed didn’t work and the other guy with a wig next to him eye’s weren’t visible either.

3) Slow beginnings for these kind of film fests. don’t work at all. Got to start off quick and end up with a real ending. EG. the one about the gift, long car drive as well as the one with the 2 minute credits at the start! Also the one with the people sitting at the table and drinking, what the fuck were they saying as the sound was so bad and sitting round a table – god, watching paint dry would of been more fun!

Spoke to the guys from the hotel room skit and they said it was hard to plan as they wanted to use the rock at the hotel and couldn’t cos it was in darkness when they came by to shoot. Perhaps we’ll get a showing of the top 10 going to get the creative juices flowing.

Firefox Passwords files OSX vs Linux

I was tying to copy across my Firefox browser data (my bookmarks and saved passwords) from my Linux / Fedora Core 3 laptop to my Mac G5 and ran into a little strangeness with the naming convention used for the password file. Here is what I found:

Firstly, locate your Profiles Folder – on the Mac at:

~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/xxxx.default

and on Linux at:


(where xxxxxx is some random number that your computer will generate) The only files needed are the bookmarks and saved passwords files. Bookmarks are stored in a file that uses the same name on both Mac and Linux and it intuitively called bookmarks.html For Passwords you will need to locate and copy two files on Linux the files are a text file called xxxxxxxx.s and binary database file called key3.db. Now here is the wierdness, on OS X there is no xxxxxx.s file but it is called signons.txt so if you have an existing file signons.txt on your Mac you will need to delete it, copy over the xxxxxxx.s file from linux and the key3.db file then rename xxxxxxx.s to signons.txt.

So in summary:

  • Copy over the files bookmarks.html, key3.db and xxxxxxxx.s from your Linux profile folder to your OS X profile folder.
  • Now rename the xxxxxxx.s file to signons.txt (if it complains about a pre existing one then choose overwrite).

    Surf and Enjoy