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Flickr Photo Sets with PictoBrowser

Shoot photos with iphone, upload to Flickr with Flickit, add to a FLICKR set then create a nice slideshow with PictoBrowser - simple right ??!!!


Open Source to the Rescue - Software for the masses, Firefox, ThunderBird, OpenOffice and Spybot - XP, Mac and Linux

Software for the masses - Open Source Software to the Rescue.

(Updated March 2th 2006)

The Problem: A bloke in little brown shorts has just handed you a big cardboard box which contains your brand new Sony lappy. You unwrap it like an excited kid on Christmas morning and nervously turn it on. To your dismay you discover that the MS Office icon is no where to be seen, you didn't want to fork over an extra $300 - $400 dollars for it (hell your lappy was only $800) and, you dare not click the little blue Internet Explorer icon as you've read an article that claims web surfers have lost more than $500 million due Phishing caused by security flaws in this wonderful Micro$oft program. So it appears that you've just forked over $800 of your hard earned lolly for jack shite!

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