24.9 Mpg – not too shabby for a 1999, 188k miles, 300hp, AWD, V8

The old D2, not mine but wow red is nice.
The old D2, not mine but wow red is nice.

Just got back from a camping trip to Leadville, CO and I averaged almost 25 Mpg in the old Audi. Quite impressive for an AWD gas sipping monster 4000 lb family sedan that gets about 15 Mpg on short trips around town.

Considering the old girl is probably down on horsepower, was carrying about 350Lb of people and stuff and had to blaze over a few mountain passed at 75Mph +  (I can confess that I gave her the welly on a few occasions) that’s not too shabby and she still seems to be quite nimble on the road up to the Eisenhower tunnel.  Obviously the downward trip from Leadville helped bump up the number but what goes up must come down ….

When car and tree meet. I’ve got my money on the tree!

What happens when you hit a tree sideways in an Audi A3 at high speed. Well wonder no longer folks! My money is on the tree and in other pictures posted on the link below the two white sheets by the car show the outcome of this meeting 🙁 The wreck happened in Portugal and see this link at the Audi world forums for more crazy pictures and discussion. Moral of the story, if you’re gonna wreck, watch out for them trees.