Motorola SB6121 & Motorola SB 6141 is NOT End of Life on Comcast!

SB6141 not EOL biatch!If you own your own Motorola SB6121 or SB6141 then don’t let comcast / Xfinity tell you it’s EOL end of life. Even their own documentation will tell you this.

See this link  for the SB6121 and this link for SB6141 details.

Of course I just wasted countless hours because my modem couldn’t been seen on the network, had a tech come over to tell me that it was EOL and rented me a new one.

Why a multi billon dollar company can’t get it’s employee to read a simple bloody memo I have not idea. 

Daily Camera end story commenting – but comment are open here!

Boo Daily Camera! Boo!!
Boo Daily Camera! Boo!!

Online bullies and old white retired men everywhere are a little pissed off today as they’ll have to look elsewhere to post their comment about the Boulder City Council or the infamous rightsizing project,  a global scandal that will go down in history books as one of man’s biggest blunders. I too am a little sad.

Here is a:  link to the article on the Daily Camera

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Chinese cars in Germany?

Spotted this pickup truck south of Leipzig. First time I’ve seen a Sangyong branded car. On further research I discovered that this is not a Chinese brand but a budget South Korean automaker.  We all know that as of 2016 the Chinese don’t have the means or perhaps desire to build a car that will pass modern safety crash tests so I’m glad I was wrong. But strangely Germany has some lax safety standards such as allowing quads to drive on the roads and allowing the use of crappy micro cars powered by lawnmower engines on the public roads too!

Seems like Sangyong had a deal with Mercedes Benz to license some of their old models.  On the wikipedia page for the models they produced one can see a bizarre array of old Benz models morphed into newer looking ones. The white pickup truck with what seems like a Merc front grill is one such example.

What in gods name is that .....
What in gods name is that …..
Chinese cars in Germany - what next....?
Chinese cars in Germany – what next….?

Tuk Tuk coffee cart.

Tuk tuk coffee cart
Tuk tuk coffee cart

Spotted this cool little coffee cart in Leipzig Germany at the races. Strange thing is that these type of vehicles can be legally driven on public roads, strange. I have spotted cars with lawnmower engines on the roads here.

Boulder RightSizing – a solution to the contentious issue!

So while things boil out of control in Eastern Ukraine, tens of thousands still die of malaria and the Middle East, well, it’s a right balls up, Boulder CO too is facing its very only crisis. First we had a consultant hired by the city using the F-word in public, yes that’s right and now this ……. rightsizing! Continue reading Boulder RightSizing – a solution to the contentious issue!

Golden Gate Canyon State Park – camping, Aspen Meadows

The following is a trip report for a camping trip we took on July 17th 2015 to the Aspen Meadows campground on the North side of the park. The park is about an hour from Boulder, CO or Denver and is accesable from highway 93 in the east or the Peak to Peak Highway in the west. From the State park website:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​More than 12,000 acres of dense forest, rocky peaks, and aspen-rimmed meadows laced with miles of trails awaiting the hiker, horseback rider, mountain biker and winter sports enthusiast at Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

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SA in the dark ages, 2015 – welcome to the new South Africa!

Welcome to the New South Africa where the government’s lack of planning and their mishandling of the power utility Eskom has led to rolling blackouts. They have literally taken the country back into the dark ages!

According the the Economist:

THE people of South Africa are learning to live in the dark. Their beleaguered power utility, Eskom, is unable to meet electricity demand and in November reintroduced a tortuous schedule of rolling blackouts known as “load shedding”. South Africans now check electricity reports that read like weather forecasts:

Here is some video

Link to Economist article.