AT&T iPhone 3G Speed test in Boulder, Co

[This article was written in July 2008 - speeds are somewhat better as of Aug 2009 but I'm convinced that AT&T voice service is getting worse - dropped calls etc.] Doing some informal 3G speed testing of my iPhone 3G here in the republic of Boulder. I positioned myself under the main cellphone antenna array in the center of downtown boulder. This should ensure me the best signal and 3G speed in the whole of city. I ran a little online speed test and here are my results. Resultant speeds were 250kbps and 259kbps. And the purpose of 3G is ???!!!!!


Car Tire expiration dates ?

Just saw this piece on ABC news about tire expiration dates. Those who know me have always heard my mantra about buying a good quality tire, after all it's the only thing that's between your car and the road. According to this piece on ABC news, the rubber compound in tires dries out over time and becomes brittle after 6 years or so. This can lead to blowouts, nasty rollovers and to the premature pushing up of the the old daisies!


iPhone 2.0 Software Bricks Phone - boo hooo! - iTunes Activation Problem

Picture 37.pngPicture 36.png It's that magical time of the year when a new software update for the iPhone is being released, Ver. 2.0. In my over eager state of folly I decided to update my phone as soon as the software was released.


Phantom Hybrid on the streets of Boulder, CO

IMG_0736.JPGIMG_0737.JPGWhile escorting a lady friend back to her car in downtown Boulder, CO I noticed a car with it's lights on. My friend commented that she remembered seeing the lights left on when she left to join me at a coffee shop some 2 hours earlier.

Web Success Pros - SPAMMER!!

Picture 29.png

George Carlin Dead - Video - Religion is Bullshit

RIP funny man - "CNN - George Carlin, the influential comedian whose routines used profanity, scatology and absurdity to point out the silliness and hypocrisy of human life, has died. He was 71."

Husky and gumball machine = Smart!

Found this cute video on MySpace video of all places, them Huskies are pretty smart especially when it comes things food related!

This Isn't Gum

Firefox 3 - out now, faster, safer and smarter!

Picture 23.pngFaster, safer and smarter than Firefox 2 that is. June 17 was download Firefox 3 day. It got off to a bit of a piss poor start as yours truly attempted to download this brand spanky new version of our favorite browser only to discover a website that had clearly shat the proverbial bed due to the rest of the world and their mother attempting to do the same thing.


New TopGear on BBC - Funny Ad

A new series of TopGear is about to be unleashed on UK viewer, check out this funny promo video. Tea and biscuits anyone ?? Time to fire up the bittorrent client and get a downloading! Come on chaps, put it on the iTunes music store and I'll gladly pay for it.

Setup XP to connect to WPA2 Wi-fi network

Picture 12.pngJust spent the best part of half an hour getting a buddies supposedly up to date Dell XP lappy connected to my Wi-fi network. I'm running a secure WI-FI network using the WPA2 protocol. This is lot more secure that the old WAP protocol so if you're running a home wi-fi network then you probably want to use WPA2 instead of WAP on your router.



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