Free Wi-Fi - Barnes Noble, Starbucks too

If you live in a college town then free wifi is normally as common as binge drinking and panty raids but in other towns or cities you may be out of luck. I mostly frequent locally owned coffee shops here in Boulder, CO who provide free wifi but sometimes when I'm on the road and unable to locate an independent coffee shop I'll cross over to the dark side for an hour or two.

Add Lyrics to all songs in iTunes for FREE - or just the albums or songs you want

Sometimes it's nice to have the lyrics of a song, perhaps it's a particularly soppy romantic song you want to get all teared up over or just a rocking 80s tunes you want to sing along to. This article will show you how to get the lyrics to any song for free and automagically add them to your iTunes Library one song, album or entire library at a time.


Disable iPhone Backup to speed up iTunes Sync

One of iTunes most annoying features is it's insistence to do a full backup every time you plug in your iPhone. You know the drill, you're dashing out the door to go for a run or you're off to the gym and remember that you want to listen to the latest podcast from the BBC. You plug in the iPhone, fire up iTunes and hit the sync button only to be met by an annoying "Backing up Richard's iPhone" status message that just sits there for ever while your precious leisure time ticks away.


Global Street Food Exhibition -Street Vendors from around the world

“Global Street Food” is an exhibition curated by Mike Meiré for Dornbracht Edges.

“Global Street Food” is dedicated to the fascination with improvised kitchens in public places. Urban fast food stations navigating the contrast between pragmatic dilettantism and complexity in the smallest of spaces.

You can see it at the Vitra Design Museum till July 12th in Weil am Rhein, Germany.


E tour and Travel - Scammers - Rude - 100 complaints lodged at the Florida Better Business Bureau - etourandtravel

We've all gotten harassed by telemarketers from time to time and most if not all of them know that if you ask to be removed from their "do not call list" then by law the have to. E tour and Travel out of Orlando, FL however seems to be playing by a different set of rules as well as flogging the promise of a cheap $99 Orlando vacation. They are also perhaps the rudest bunch of wankers that I've ever come across! (Note: if you have an iPhone see this article I just wrote that will show you how to block their number)

Count the characters used for the Title Tag & Meta Description Tag - Google likes 65 and 155 characters respectively


Use the form below to see how many characters you're using in your TITLE tag - Google like a max of 60 - 70 so I'll set the limit to 65 below.
characters remaining.

Flickr Photo Sets with PictoBrowser

Shoot photos with iphone, upload to Flickr with Flickit, add to a FLICKR set then create a nice slideshow with PictoBrowser - simple right ??!!!


Dog Walking & Sitting in Boulder - It's a Dog's Life

I'm helping my good friend Peggy Lloyd drum up some more business via the interwebs. Peggy, the undisputed dog walking queen of Boulder, has had her dog walking business, "It's a Dog's Life" for the past 14 years. Here's her pitch:

The good old days, remember dial-up internet access?

Trying to get a friend's old laptop online - the beast is running windows 98 with no wifi or ethernet cable. I toyed with the ideal of throwing in an old PCMCIA wifi card but a Windows 98 machine permanently connected to the intewebs is a security nightmare waiting to happen.

Free Tags: 

YouTube HD - 720p at last!

Here is a YouTube HD video example. Shot with Canon HV30 in 24p. Dog in snow!

(Note to get footage to embed in HD add this suffix to your URLs &fmt=22) - Also note that you'll need a pretty powerful, newish computer to view the video without it stuttering and may older computers will not be able to play the footage above at all :(


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