New Airline Security Rules - Dec 2009

Thanks to one Nigerian nutter, a  Umar Abdulmutallab (AKA the Underpants Bomber) we'll all have to jump through more security hoops while flying this holiday season . There are no hard and fast rules so what happens at one airport may not happen at another. This is intentional so as to be unpredictable so the bad guys will have less of an idea how the new security protocol works. 

This is what I've been able to ascertain from a bit of web research:

"Thriller" Flash Mob - Boulder, CO - Halloween 2009

Here is the video I shot of the Thriller Flash Mob performance that took place on Halloween eve, 2009. (You can watch it in full screen goodness by clicking the four white outward facing arrows on the bottom right next to the Vimeo text.)

Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner - Pumpkin Head

Hmm, I think I have found a way protest Boulder's treatment of the Naked Pumpkin Runners..... stay tuned. :) 

Pumpkin Run Top Story on BBC website

The website has an article about how the police have successfully quashed the 2009 Halloween Naked Pumpkin run, a yearly event that takes place on the Pearl St. Mall here in Boulder, CO. Here's a link to the article. I was down on the Mall to film a flash mob and although it was fun to film I felt a little pang of sadness that I wans't going to be sprinting after 200 naked people with my video camera in hand.

Panasonic P2 runtime chart - Comparison of E Series and A Series Cards

Below is a table that shows how many minutes of footage you can record on a P2 card. There is now a 64 Gig card that runs around $900 so you can finally get 1 hour of full quality video per card!! For the run and gun type stuff I plan to do, I'm thinking I'll need at least 2 x 64 Gig cards or I may even go the AVCHD route :( Perhaps the answer is to shoot in 720p?

Model # Capacity DVCPro DVCProHD 720pN24 DVCPro50,

DVCProHD 720p30, or AVC-Intra 50


1080i60 or 720p60, or AVC-Intra 100

Block Phone Number T-Mobile

If you're receiving unwanted calls or texts and you're a T-Mobile subscriber then you can block the offending number by calling customer service at 1-800-937-8997 and they should be able to block the call on their end. Some phones have the ability to block calls from the handset (Memoir™,Behold™, and Highlight™) but if you're unsure that your phone has this capability then you can call customer service and get them to walk you through the process. An alternative method or last resort is to use the Silent Ringtone Method.

Panasonic HMC40 AVCHD Video Camera info page & Apture test

Here is a collection of info from across the web on the new Panasonic AVCHD camera, the HMC40. It's the smaller brother of the HMC150 and costs about $1500 less. It can be bought for about $1900 at B&H (sans XLR adaptor). Why do we love this camera so - it's shoot full HD resolution 1900 x 1080, takes CHEAP SDHC carder ($80 for a 32 gig card  - compare that to $900 for a P2 card) and you get 3 hours on a single 32 gig card.


Amateur Storm Chasing - Banned by The Discovery Channel - A YouTube sensation!

This three part mini documentary follows two amateur tornado chasers as they race around Eastern Colorado in search of tornados. After the documentary had been reviewed and rejected by The Discovery Channel an anonymous employee describe the pair as "clueless, ill equipped, foul mouthed wankers!". Follow their hilarious antics that end in inevitable failure, thousands of dollars of damage to property and irreparable damage to their egos.

When it comes to love and dating are we too fussy? Has

I just read this great article in the Washington Post on how we've become too fussy when it comes to choosing a mate. I was wondering what people's deal breakers were - what action or mannerism will make you call things off on say the third date? The Washington Post article lists some funnies; one guy made an inappropriate comment about a woman's shoes and another disliked his potential life partner's enthusiasm toward mayonnaise and Taquitos from 7-Eleven (well just look at them!!)

Free Tags: stats - Stats not looking so good at 2 week mark

A quick post about my experience with at week 2 of my foray into interweb dating. I've sent out 50 odd emails, only got about 10 replies and have gone on approximately ZERO dates.

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