Epson Perfection 636U Scanner Driver - Leopard and Snow Leopard & Tiger

The Epson Perfection 636U scanner was a speedy beast in its day and I'm talking many moons ago. New scanner don't scan much faster so why throw a perfectly good scanner out just cos Epson say they don't support it anymore! We'll you can get this beast going again, you have two options a pay and free option.

The Beatles are on iTunes! Buy Beatles Music in 2 easy steps!

Finally after years of lawsuits and legal wrangling Apple Computer Inc and the company that owns the rights to The Beatles music, Apple Corps have come to an agreement to bring the entire Beatles music library to the iTunes music store. Sure they were available on other online places like Amazon but iTunes has 90% of the online music market so this is actually quite a big deal. This is particularly exciting for Beatles fans as the entire music collection was essentially re-recorded (re-mastered) on September 9, 2009. I have both some older mp3 and newer re-mastered recording and you can actually hear the difference.

iPhone 3G cracked screen repair / replacement - fixed for $12

Dropping your iPhone 3G on a concrete floor is a sure way to crack the glass screen and just past two years of ownership this was the fate that betook my little white Jesus phone. If you run down to your local Apple store you'll find out that Steve charges the pricly sum of $190 to fix the little bugger; hardly worth it given the second hand value of the device is around the same amount!!

How to stop Telemarketers - National Do Not Call Registry

The old adage, time is money is more relavant than ever in todays fast paced society. Every second counts and having to deal with unwanted phone calls is a pet peeve of mine. Enter The National Do Not Call Registry, a government database managed by the FTC that tells telemarketers not to call your number. After you register they have 31 days to stop calling you. After that you can report the offending number to the FTC using the same website. Here is the official description:

Godaddy Promo Codes 2010- Go Daddy discount codes save up to 30% on domain name renawals!!!

Here is a list of Discount / Promo codes for Godady (Go Daddy) as of July 2010. Simply order your domain and at the final state of checkout there is a field towards the bottom that says "If you have a promo or source code enter it here:". Simply cut and paste the promo code below into this field.



Die Antwoord - South African Rap - buy songs here!

I'm putting this little page together for an Afrikaans rap outfit called "Die Antwoord". In english the bands name means "The Answer". I first came across them in a video interview on Boing Boing. Can't say I'm a big rap fan but there is something so real about these guys - they are incredible. The lead singer Ninza could be Morrisseys younger brother, the girl Yo-Landi in the band looks like she's 14 years old and progeria sufferer Leon Botha presence in the video makes the entire performance unlike anything I've ever seen.

Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 3G running IOS 4.0 / 4.0.1 using RedSn0w + Cydia + UltraSn0w

Update Feb 2011 - I have just spent 5 hours or so trying to get my poor old 3G jailbroken and unlocked again. Six months ago the process did see a lot easier. HINT - Make sure you use the correct RedSn0w version AND the correct restore file. If you don't you'll waste half a day like me. You can't use a newer version of RedSn0w or start with iOS 4.1 !!

JUNE 25th - 2010 - This little tutorial is designed for absolute beginners and will show you how to Jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone 3G (Not 3GS or Iphone 4 - 3GS & iPhone 4 users can use the following link and simply visit the Comex website using your iphone 3GS or 4). Jailbreak to allow apps banned by Apple on your phone and then allow you to unlock the phone, dump AT&T crappy cellphone service and switch to another cellphone carrier or cheaper AT&T plan. (See this link to upgrade to IOS 4.0.1.

First we'll upgrade you to the brand spanking new iPhone 4.0 operating system just released and then have our way with your iPhone. But first some basics.

Unable to burn Data DVD - Macbook Pro 2.4 ghz

While trying to archive avchd footage from an SDHC card to a DVD on my internal drive of my 2009 Macbook Pro unibody,  I got all kinds of weird error messages in my console: 

kernel SCSITaskUserClient - Invalid arguments: scatterGatherEntries = 1, requestedTransferCount = 0, transferDirection is 0 


Quickfit Fitness Studio Boulder - Loose 4 inches in 1 hour - Yikes!!

Quickfit / Quick fit fitness Studio you are officially on my shit list. On Tue Jan 24th an agent of yours was seen flyering cars in the Ideal Market / Vics Parking lot on Broadway. Ok, so you gotta get your message out somehow and even though I'm sure this is illegal as technically the parking lots in question are private property I am somewhat sympathetic to your cause. 

But when I read the glossy full color flyer I was flabbergasted !! The leaflet proclaimed that they can help me loose 1-4 inches in less than an hour - sweet Jesus, what a crock of utter shite!!


Shoe Bomber & Underpants Bomber mugshots

Every time you begrudgingly remove your shoes for the nice TSA man at airport security send a bad though Mr Reid's way! Now when you're stripped down to your skivvies, send another nasty thought the Underpants Bomber's way too!!


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