Mom's new car - Hyundai Atos (AKA, The little pregnant roller skate)

Ladies and Germs, I give the the Hyundai Atos "a city car" my mom just bought. This is what R69000 ($10000) gets you in sunny South Africa. No Airbags, no ABS and stability control, forget it! I I inquired about the Euro Ncap saftey rating and my mom just laughed at me - South African's don't need none of those safety nannies!! My mom added that she's been driving on some of the most dangerous roads in the world for the past 30 years in an old BMW320i sans airbags and ABS! Yeah, BooYah! BooooooYahhhh go South Africa!


Bush Limo breaks down in Rome

Poor George, on a recent scenic jaunt through Rome his limo broke down and he was forced to get out and jump into another one. Silliness aside, did you know that the Cadillac DTS he drives is not really a caddy but a vehicle based on a GM truck chassis with a specialized engine, built by a company now owned by the Brit defense contractor BAE. So have a chuckle and learn an interesting fact for use at your next cocktail party (George Bush's Limo is a British assembled truck that is prone to breaking downs when in Rome).

Canyoneering Trip Report, Spring 2007 in Escalante, Utah

Below are my perosnal notes on a Canyoneering trip I took to the Escalante region in southern Utah during the Memorial day weekend 2007. Feel free to add comment at the end and contact me personally if you want to know more about the outdoor group I belong Chaos Boulder. We normally takes a jaunt down to the slot canyons in southern Utah in the Spring and Fall each year. On this trip I was sans my biatch Dan so I rode with AJ. We left Boulder at about 4pm getting there at around 1.30am.

Find and download free MP3 music online with Google

We all know how useful Google is in finding stuff but most of us don't know that there is much more to Google than meets the eye. To harness the full power of Google you need to speak a special language, special commands you type in the Google search box to expand it's functionality. I'm going to show you one such string of commands that will command Google to go forth and search the Interwebs for MP3's, yes free music! I'll start off by giving you the entire string of commands to instruct google to search for MP3 files.


Brook's Eco Lawn cutting / mowing service in Boulder Colorado

My old pal Brook Stableford has started a new business, EnviroMow, an environmentally friendly, green (excuse the pun) lawn cutting service here in Boulder, Colorado. He'll cart over a push mower on the back of his bike trailer and cut most lawns for $20. So give his eco lawn cutting service / Boulder lawn care service a try. I think it's a great idea and what better way to help out the old planet and at the same time stop our dependance on foreign oil!


Manchester Bus Lanes - ouch!

The city of my birth, Manchester, has decided to get tough on drivers who illegally use bus lanes. The solution is simple, drive in the bus lane when you're not supposed to and they'll deploy their secret weapon from below the surface of the road causing your vehicle to make an abrupt stop! For those of you who are wondering if perhaps some of the drivers in this movie are not just making an honest mistake take note of the big flashing signs in the start of the clip that warn the transgressor of the pending danger ( and almost certain wanker status on youtube).

Don't make a monkey out of GW!

Take one website called The St Andrews Face Transformer, a picture of our prez GW bush and some infantile intentions and here's what you get. You upload a pic of your choice, run their little Java program on it and choose what you want the poor bastard to look like when the programs has had it's way with the photo. In my case I choose 50% ape! Come on GW, stop monkeying around!

South African Flag, not the Amtrak logo silly

I remember how a friend once asked me if the funny multi colored sticker I had on the back of my car was the Amtrak logo. Before I comment on their transgression let's take a look at the two items in question.

Firstly, here is the (old) Amtrak logo:

Now here is the South African Flag:

The little car the could - Chevy Sprint jumps 36 feet!

In this vid from YouTube see how anyone can launch their piece of shite car on a homemade ramp and jump an extraordinary 36 feet narrowly missing certain death by rollover. Note how the door opens when the mother ship hits the ground. Camera work gets an F, pure hoonary an A+. Well done blokes and next time you're about to do the stunt of the century get a proper camera will you.


How to Dial a US Cellphone from South africa

Phones are easy to use and we all know that a phone number is composed of an area code and seven digits. Now if you've ever called overseas you'll realize that the whole numbering systems falls apart. You're completely lost as what numbers to add and what numbers of the original phone number not to dial. Here is my experience in trying to get my mom who lives in sunny South Africa to dial my cell phone in the US.



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